Whistler, Canada – The Endless Adventure

Whistler is a place impossible not to love. It is a place that makes you go ‘wow’ every time you step out of the door. Perfect for adventure seekers, for nature lovers and for really anybody that enjoys a good bite while taking in amazing scenery. And if you add to that the possibility of encounter a cute black bear or a bald eagle… well, then it’s all worth it.

Our Resorts in Canada are very close to all the adventure and the Village, but still surrounded by nature. They are ideally located for easy access to all the activities and there are bus stops just outside the resorts, buses are free! In 10 minutes you’ll arrive in the Village, which has all kinds of stores including restaurants, bars and coffee shops. There, you will also find a Gondola, which will take you up in the mountain to ski or snowboard in the winter months.

For outdoorsy people, Whistler is just about as close as to be in paradise; helicopter rides, fishing, bike trails, skiing, snowboarding…. the list is endless. It is impossible to get bored here.

There are amazing restaurants ! From Nutella crepes and the best Benny’s (eggs Benedict),  to exquisite clam chowders, sushi and Australian meat pies. Dessert anyone? Well, of course you have to try Beaver’s Tail. No, it’s not the actual tail; it’s more like a sweet puffy pastry with a chocolate drizzle that makes it look like a beaver’s tail.

If you want to enjoy a night in town there are several bars to experience. One of the most popular is Longhorn Saloon, which is known for selling the most beer in Canada. Speaking of beer, you should try the Grandville Island Pale Ale, its descriptions says it all English Ale, smooth flavor and caramel malt aroma. Be prepared to get crazy about hockey too, which is on every TV around the bar.

Canadians are warm people. They go out of their way to make you feel at home. You can tell that the locals really love it there, and we understand why.


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