Little town with big personality

If your idea of relaxation is being surrounded by nature and scenic views, then Birch Bay is the place for you. This is a tranquil little town where everybody knows each other; where people are friendly and warm and make you feel at home.

There are plenty of things to do, thanks to the fact that it is located just an hour from Vancouver and about two hours from Seattle. Birch Bay is the perfect ‘in between’ place to stay because from there you can also drive to Bellingham, Mount Baker, or visit the San Juan Islands.

If you prefer to stay, just get your family together and take them to Birch Bay State Park for a picnic. This is the best way to create memories and enjoy being in contact with nature. During the summer, you can also visit the Birch Bay water park where the fun never stops.

Of course since Birch Bay faces the Strait of Georgia, seafood is very fresh and rich, the days are sunny and clear, the afternoons are breezy and cool and the nights are full of stars.

Sandcastle at Birch Bay is the perfect place for nice and comfortable accommodations. This resort offers magnificent views, either to the Bay or the golf course and beautifully appointed condominiums with all the amenities you need to feel like at home. The resort also has a gym, a pool and a restaurant on-site.

Have a nice meal under the stars, walk the Bay, relax at the park, shop at Bellingham or explore the beauty of Washington State. Everything you need to enjoy a memorable vacation with your family is at Birch Bay.


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