Share your packing tips with us!

Summer is coming! You’re ready to go on vacation: a fun, relaxing, stress free, memorable adventure with family or friends. Your trip begins the moment you start planing your packing; make it as burden free as possible, remember: Traveling is as stressful as you want it to be.

Avoiding unnecessary stress

If there is not even room for a needle in your suitcase, then you’re doing it wrong and you’re up for a stressful trip. Think about it, you already know the drill: take your shoes off at the airport, take computers, tablets, cellphones, and liquids under 3 oz out of your bag, go through security, put them all back in, only this time, under pressure: everyone is waiting for you to move out of the way.

Image courtesy of Sattva /

Image courtesy of Sattva / 

Learn the art of packing light and get on with your lovely vacation!

General rules:

  • Smart travelers are informed. Check the TSA’s rules for carry-ons, they might have changed since the last time you traveled
  • Keep all your electronics and liquids within easy reach and make sure they have plenty of room to go back in
  • Invest in a proper carry-on: there are plenty of options designed specially for these times when people don’t go anywhere without their tablets. They have special pockets that protect your electronics and make them reachable. On top of that, you save money by not checking in your bag, and this is always a good thing!

Going to a beach destination:

For women, coverups are the best way to get around! For men, polos, bermuda shorts and  a pair of khakis.

  • Choose ‘coverups’ that you can wear all day long over your swimsuit, and look sleek and pretty at the same time. The materials used in coverups are light, easy to clean and dry fast. You can find them in any price and style, from fancy –OndadeMar- to afordable –Target-
  • Most of the time you will be in flip-flops; choose the most comfortable pair in a neutral color that goes with all your wardrobe. If your trip involves upscale nightlife, then you will need another pair of shoes, otherwise, a pair of nice flip-flops will do
  • Pack light, wrinkle free clothes. Cotton and linen are the lightest materials but also the ones that get wrinkled the most. The best option is packing clothes that are made out of blended materials: part synthetics, part natural, such as a polyester/cotton blend
  • Color coordination is essential. Choose bottoms that can be worn a couple of times with different tops and accessories. Go for outfits that don’t require a special assemble, instead, go for the ones that can be mixed and matched with your existing options. You will have to be creative, and creativity makes you different!

Add a pop of color with accessories, those don’t take much room and can spruce up an outfit

Share with us your travel tips in the comment box!

Enjoy your summer trip!

4 thoughts on “Share your packing tips with us!

  1. Daisy Prado says:

    -Leave room in your luggage! Chances are that you are going to buy souvenirs so make sure not to jam pack your luggage when you first pack.
    -I am a germ-a-phob so I don’t like sleeping on a random pillow so I bring a light pillow cover in my luggage.
    -On vacay always take a pair of heels, flats, sandals and tennis shoes. Unless you have an itinerary set for every single day, you never know what you will end up doing or encountering. 🙂

    Those are my tips!

    Happy Travels,

  2. Jody says:

    I always pack a few lightweight, easy care button down “big” shirts. They’re great for so many things: cover-ups, robes (for the balcony), PJs, jackets, sun protection… And don’t forget that packable sun hat!

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