Foodie or not, Mexican food for all!

Part of a great vacation is enjoying local food, and we all know how good Mexican food is!

It’s Mexican Food Week, and whether you are an adventurous foodie ‘a la Anthony Bourdain‘ or a more conservative eater, Mexico offers a great selection for all. From the well-known tacos and enchiladas to panuchos, molcajetes, huachinango and charalitos, the options are endless.

Tell us in the comment box, what is the weirdest food you’ve tried in Mexico

Mountains and valleys: the food from inland

Oaxaca has the best moles in Mexico, but this city is also famous for their recipes with crunchy chapulines, grasshoppers. Oaxaca is one of the favorite foodie destinations thanks to the richness and ancient traditions of its food. The typical recipes date from hundreds of years and Oaxacans are proud of this. There are several cooking classes for foreigners, which include a visit to the indigenous supermarket to get the freshest ingredients.

Oaxaca is also famous for mezcal, an alcoholic beverage that comes from the maguey, a variety of the agave plant. Mezcal has a smoky flavor, very different from tequila. There are many places or haciendas where you can taste mezcal and see the process from beginning to end, definitely, and exciting trip!

Coastal cuisine

Mexican coastal destinations offer fresh seafood, which is prepared using ancient recipes and local ingredients.

Shrimp or fish ceviches, octopus tostadas, seafood molcajetes, and huachinango a la veracruzana (Veracruz-style red snapper), are some of the most popular dishes in coastal cuisine. These are best enjoyed with a local cerveza and cold margaritas.

As you can see, there are many other types of Mexican food other than the options we get to try in the US. There is nothing better than eating local cuisine, you can start planning a trip to Mexico, enjoy a great vacation, taste amazing food, and discover incredible destinations!


Inizio Restaurant, Club Regina Puerto Vallarta

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**Tell us in the comment box, what is the weirdest food you’ve tried in Mexico**


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