It’s wedding season!

It’s almost summer; perfect time to tie the knot!

This time of the year is one of the busiest in some popular wedding destinations, and Mexico has been consistently chosen as a great place to celebrate the big day.

Destination weddings are romantic, fun, and functional; you can extend your stay and have your honeymoon in the same place. There are packages that can help you customize it the way YOU want it, not the way the venue wants it.

Another reason why many couples are choosing destinations weddings is because they offer a sense of intimacy. When you’re planning a destination wedding, you really need to trim the list of guests. A destination wedding is intended for people who are very close the couple, not for guests that you don’t want to invite but you feel that you have to. Since fewer people will attend, the list is shorter, and easier and cheaper to manage. At the end of the day, you will share your special celebration with the people you care the most.

Mexico has many great places to plan a destination wedding and some of the most sought-after are: Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Los Cabos. All these places have a distinct charm that make them incredibly popular during wedding season.

You and your guests will enjoy a perfect beach setting, quaint places, local shopping, outdoor adventures, and local dinning. One weekend of fun for you and your closest friends and family! After that, they will leave and you’ll stay to start your honeymoon.

For many years, Puerto Vallarta has been considered the perfect destination for weddings. Both locals and tourists are charmed by its architecture, colors, friendly people, and incredible landscapes. Puerto Vallarta has been voted as one of the most romantic places in Mexico and this is a pretty good reason to have your dream wedding there.

One of our resorts offers a beautiful place to have a destination wedding: Patio Los Arcos, located in Club Regina Puerto Vallarta. Many weddings have been celebrated in this special place and some of the couples have shared their photos with us. They also have granted us permission to share them with everyone else!

Here it is to spreading the love…


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