Five of the Best Mountain Biking Trails near Raintree Resorts

You’ve been on your mountain bike for hours. Sore leg muscles have propelled you over large rocks that jut out of narrow dirt trails and, although you’re covered in sweat and mud, the ride has been totally worth it.

Mountain BikingThat sensation of being close to nature is part of the reason why mountain biking is such a popular thing to do, regardless of the location. Perhaps that’s why many places, including near our resorts, have dedicated mountain biking trails that allow riders to explore the area’s rolling hills or sandy plateaus.

Since there are so many, we decided to assemble a list of some of the top-reviewed trails you can check out next time you stay at one of our fantastic resorts!

1. Half Nelson – Squamish, B.C.
Half Nelson, located about 45 minutes south of Whiski Jack Resorts, is a 1.5-mile-long man-made trail that features four dozen water crossings, more than 100 jumps, and 60 berms. It takes 30 minutes to ride to the top of this trail, and you can descend without using your brakes or pedaling. With so much fun packed into a relatively small area, it’s no wonder named it among the best new trails in the country. To informed bikers this may not be a surprise since Squamish is considered the Mountain Bike Capital of Canada.

Check a first-person view of Half Nelson!

2. Glenwild Trails – Park City, Utah
Park City is home to more than 400 miles of public hiking and mountain biking trails for riders of all skill levels. Regardless of what trail you choose, you’ll be treated to gorgeous views of the Iron, Bald Eagle, and Quarry mountains. Yet there’s one system of trails built specifically for bikers: the Glenwild Trail System, which features 25 miles of biker-friendly grades and narrow paths that wind through the North Snyderville Basin. Like Half Nelson, the Glenwild Trail System was designated as one of the country’s best new trails by

There’s a little bit of something for every rider here. The Glenwild Loop, 8.4 miles long, is a perfect introduction to this system. The track is perfect for beginning or intermediate riders, although the 1,200-feet ascent may be challenging for some. From the north end of Glenwild Trail you can hop onto Flying Dog Trail, a well-designed course that features as many as 3,000 feet of climbing on 23 miles of trail. This is an amazing experience for Members who are staying at either The Miners Club or Park Plaza.

Check out an amazing first-person view of Glenwild Trail!

3. Galbraith Mountain – Bellingham, Wash.
There seems to be one constant about Galbraith Mountain Bike Park: everything is green. The park, located just south east of Bellingham, Wash, at the foot of Lookout Mountain, has 20 miles of dirt roads and single- and double-track pathways for you to explore. Trails in this park wind between towering pine, maple, and cedar trees and afford the occasional view of stunning Washington scenery. They can be ridden throughout the year, although the drier summer months typically offer the best experience. The north entrance to the park is only 25 miles from Sandcastle at Birch Bay, making Galbraith Mountain very accessible!

Check out some of Galbraith Mountain’s trails here:

4. Santos Riding Trail – Ocala, Fl.

Santos Riding Trail in Ocala, Fla., about an hour northwest of Orlando, is one of the highest-ranked mountain biking trail systems in the country. The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) named Santos a bronze-level ride center due to its flowing single-track system and trails that accommodate riders of all skill levels. The park covers more than 81,200 acres and there’s a great diversity in the types of paths you can ride on. Here you’ll encounter open trails over rolling mounds as well as narrow paths that swerve between evergreen trees.

All trails are one way, and they’re marked by skill level: yellow for beginners, blue for intermediates, and red for advanced. The trail system includes a bike skills park with progressive challenges – a great place to practice your mountain biking techniques – and a free ride area. Accessing the park is easy, and there are five places along the trail where you can park your car. This is an ideal trip for those staying at Grand Beach Resort, Cypress Pointe Resort, or Cypress Pointe Grande Villas in Orlando.

Want to see what it’s like to ride at the Santos Riding Trail?

5. Tahoe Rim Trail – South Lake Tahoe
The Tahoe Rim Trail system consists of 165 miles of single-track multiuse trail that passes through six counties, three National Forests, three wilderness areas, and one state park in California and Nevada. These trails take you through flowered meadows, thick forests, and at the feet of ancient volcanoes. In fact, 49 miles of the Tahoe Rim Trail overlap with the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, a 2,650 mile pathway that features some of the most incredible scenic terrain in the country.

There are 10 trails that cover slightly more than 50 percent of the Tahoe Ridge Trail specifically for mountain bikers, but be advised that some pathways are better suited for experienced riders. The great thing about  this trail system is it can be accessed from almost anywhere. This is good news for Raintree Members who are staying at Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort, as the resort is only 10 minutes away from the nearest trailhead, Kingsbury Grade.

Check the Tahoe Rim Trail:


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