Los Cabos: out-of-this-world sunsets and sunrises!

I’d always heard that Los Cabos was a pretty place, but none of the pictures I’d seen before I arrived here on Monday did it any justice.

My first view came during my plane’s descent into Los Cabos International Airport. At first, there was nothing but ocean, but when the plane turned slightly north I was treated to an astounding sight: clear blue waters met nearly white sanded beaches, colorful hotels and resorts stretched along the coast as far as I could see, and jagged cactus-covered mountains loomed in the background. Looking out my window, I thought “So this is why people love coming here so much.” It’s always easy to assume photos are exaggerated, but in this case it’s just not possible because Los Cabos is just so casually beautiful.

Beautiful sunset in Los Cabos

Beautiful sunset in Los Cabos

This is especially true for the sunsets and sunrises. I arrived at my resort, Club Regina Los Cabos, just before sunset. As the afternoon turned to evening, the sun dropped behind the mountains to the west, creating a horizontal purple and orange line that extended throughout the horizon. This may have been spectacular, but it was only a preview for the other sunrises and sunsets I’ve seen here so far.

Sunset at Inizio

Sunrise view, just outside Inizio Restaurant

Every morning and evening is a treat, and I’d say this is definitely one of the many reasons why you should consider visiting Los Cabos.

Club Regina Los Cabos

Club Regina Los Cabos

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