ATV adventures in Los Cabos

James W. visited Los Cabos and sent us this blog entry:

I’m going to start this blog with a declarative statement: I love to drive. Simply put, if it has four wheels and can go from Point A to Point B on its own, I’ll probably have fun driving it. This is especially true for All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), which offer all the excitement of mountain biking but with a slightly lower chance of bodily harm (four wheels are always better than two, especially for accident prone people like myself). On a more fundamental level, I enjoy the growl of the engine and the feeling of being able to conquer just about any piece of terrain.

Those jagged rocks between the trees? Easy.

That huge sandy dune with the steep grade? No problem.

ATVs are already pretty fun, but combine them with the scenic desert landscape of Los Cabos and you’ve got yourself a great time. I got to experience this for myself a few days ago and it certainly lived up to my expectations. The ATV tour’s trail began on top of a hill from which I could see the cactus and brush-covered mountains and valleys of Baja California Sur. Our route descended into one of these valleys, where we wound between towering cactuses and over rust-colored soil on our way to the brilliant blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Arriving on the soft-sanded beach offered an entirely different look at Los Cabos, and speeding along the shore was absolutely exhilarating. After a short while we climbed back into the desert and up the side of a cliff to the summit, which offered an incredible view the area. As we rode back I considered what I’d seen so far and realized that tours like this are some of the best ways you can experience the many faces of Los Cabos while also having a lot of fun in the process. Should you find yourself in Baja California Sur, I’d definitely suggest you hop on an ATV and get a close look at this magical place for yourself.

Where to stay:

Club Regina Los Cabos rises above the shoreline where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Every unit faces the ocean and you can enjoy colorful sunsets and sunrises from your terrace.  From November through March, it is unusual not to see whales playing in front of the resort. The resort is a mecca for those seeking the best under the Baja sun – from championship golf courses to some of the best sports fishing in the world.


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