It’s whale watching season!

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Every winter thousands of whales and dolphins migrate to the calm waters of Puerto Vallarta to mate and give birth. December marks the beginning of whale watching season, a time when you can see humpback whales spectacularly breaching and lobtailing in the waters of Banderas Bay.

Really, nothing beats seeing these gentle giants breaching and playing!

Where to stay:

Club Regina Puerto Vallarta: located between the Sierra Madre Mountains and Banderas Bay, this resort is within walking distance of the marina. Its beaches and rich biodiversity draw tourists from around the globe.

The on-site Xplora agency can book this incredible four-hour tour where biologists will teach you everything there is to know about humpback whales. After an introductory half-hour lecture you’ll board a motorboat specifically designed for whale watching and cruise out to Banderas Bay.

While you’re out there you’ll see whales and dolphins breaching and playing, and a special onboard hydrophone will allow you to listen to the whale songs. Each tour has a maximum of only 12 people, which means you’ll have many opportunities to have your questions answered. Due to the rich biodiversity of Banderas Bay, you may also see orcas, manta rays, sea turtles, and various sea birds during the tour.


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