Stay warm, it’s Winter time!

The thought of hot chocolate always brings lovely memories from childhood, especially when a cup was waiting for us after making snow angels. We love Winter time, and in Park City, Utah, the snow has covered the amazing mountains surrounding the town.

These incredible views, the possibility of skiing, snow boarding, and ice-skating, bring back those memorable moments. Even when we are not feeling adventurous, we still can make snow angels and enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate, while bringing back the inner child in all of us.

In Park City the possibilities are endless, just get out to a night in town and experience the exquisite cuisine offered, as well as the fun bars and coffee shops. There is always something to do and many places to see.

Park City is one of the greatest skiing destinations in the United States and it co-hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002. The town is also the home of the famous Sundance Film Festival, an event that showcases independent movies and documentaries.

That’s just the beginning of what Park City has to offer. For example, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) designated Park City as the world’s first Gold Level Ride Center for its 400 miles of high-quality trails that appeal to riders of all skill levels. Park City also has a diverse selection of restaurants, art galleries, boutique shops, and breweries you can visit.

This is The Miners Club in Park City, Utah, a gem in the middle of the snow-packed action mountains and short distance to downtown Park City.

More about Park City:


2 thoughts on “Stay warm, it’s Winter time!

  1. Risley wilkinson says:

    We absolutely love Park City! Miners club is one of our favorite (Raintree) places! Wonderful location and great detail to decor!

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