Los Cabos, a high class destination!

Los Cabos is arguably the most naturally imposing and beautiful of all Mexican balnearios, and as such caters with equal aplomb to both the avid nature lover and the casual tourist.

In the winter, you can watch a dozen species of whales breaching just off the coast; they travel to these warm waters during the colder months to birth their calves. When the whales aren’t around, visitors must content themselves with long horseback rides down deserted ivory beaches, games of golf on a PGA championship course, and panoramic views of one of the most captivating sunsets on the planet.

Whale hello!

True to its roots, the sea of Los Cabos offers fishermen of all skill levels an exciting and exotic experience. Even if you aren’t so determined an angler that you visit every year to compete in the famous marlin-fishing tournament, you will still find a thrilling challenge in the cool blue waters of Los Cabos. From the deck of a local charter boat, do battle with regal striped marlin, tenacious grouper fish, and wily yellow-fin tuna.

If you prefer to discover colorful fish and the excitement of scuba diving, you can do so as well. This experience is incredible and there are tours for every level of expertise.

Scuba Diving


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