Sandcastle at Birch Bay awarded with Certificate of Excellence!

We are very happy to report that our resort Sandcastle at Birch Bay, has been awarded with the Certificate of Excellence 2014 by TripAdvisor!

We wanted to share the news with you but above all, we’d like to invite you to discover the magnificent Pacific Northwest and enjoy an incredibly relaxing vacation in our resort.

About Sandcastle at Birch Bay

Sandcastle at Birch Bay features one-, two- and three-bedroom condominiums. Amenities include a restaurant, pool, hot tub, and rooftop terrace. Each unit has a balcony with a view of either the bay or Mt. Baker. This resort is perfect for nature lovers who want the easy elegance of upscale lodgings in a quiet, picturesque setting.

Birch Bay is close to Mt. Baker and the San Juan Islands. You can go on a Pacific sailing expedition, fish for flounder, or watch herons glide gracefully over the sweeping tide flats of the bay. Let Sandcastle at Birch Bay make your vacation a natural wonder.

About the destination

Birch Bay is a sleepy, beautiful Pacific Northwestern hamlet located on the Strait of Georgia, about five miles south of the Canadian border. Along with the neighboring town of Blaine, Birch Bay has spent the past century as a fishing town first and a tourist destination second. Recently, however, visitors have been coming to Birch Bay with increasing frequency because of the natural attractions it offers.

This area is part of Puget Sound and has the warmest Pacific waters north of California, which make its bays and inlets an ideal environment for thousands of species of plant and animal life to thrive. During the daytime, temperatures in Birch Bay range from the mid-70s in the summer to the 30s and 40s in the winter. Nighttime on Puget Sound at any time of year will range from chilly to freezing.

Book your vacation now! –> Sandcastle at Birch Bay



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