Festival Gourmet International in Puerto Vallarta!

Every November, Puerto Vallarta welcomes thousands of internationally renowned chefs and gourmet enthusiasts who have traveled for one reason: food. Since 1995, this Mexican resort town has hosted the Festival Gourmet International, a 10-day event intended to highlight all the great restaurants in the area.

The festival begins on Nov. 13 at Club Regina Puerto Vallarta’s Patio Los Arcos with an event that features the event’s hotel and restaurant participants and their guest chefs from around the world. It continues with a wide range of daily events, including gastronomic tours, workshops with guest chefs, and cooking shows, and concludes on Nov. 23 with a polo tournament.

If you’re staying at either Club Regina Puerto Vallarta or Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta from Nov. 10 to Nov. 23 and want to attend one of the festival’s events, you can purchase tickets online.

Festival Gourmet International Event Calendar

Thursday, November 13

Grand Opening Gourmet Village – $800

Friday, November 14

Wine & Haut Cuisine – $1,890

Saturday, November 15

Progressive Avant-Garde Dinner – Route 1 – $2,400

Sunday, November 16

Sensory Extravaganza in the Pool – $700

Wine & Food Jam with Jazzköket – $1,400

Monday, November 17

Workshop, Wine Pairing, and Luncheon with our Guest Chef – $1,600

Progressive Avant-Garde Dinner – Route 2 – $2,200

Tuesday, November 18

Workshop, Wine Pairing, and Luncheon with our Guest Chef – $1,600

New York, New York – $1,200

Wednesday, November 19

KitchenAid Cooking Show – Free

Soirée Moët & Chandon au Cafe des Artistes – $950

Thursday, November 20

Jazz, Wine & Cheese – $500

Fusion of Luxury, Elegance, and Gourmet at Penthouse – $1,200

Noches de Tango – $1,250

Friday, November 21

Meet Great Master Chefs, Live Chat – Free

Flavors and Traditions from Colima – Mexico – $1,200

Saturday, November 22

The Swiss Chalet – $1,000

Sunday, November 23

“Festival Gourmet Cup 2014” Polo Tournament – $500




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