Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta: Mediterranean Style Comfort

If you’re looking for a relaxing tropical getaway, look no further than Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta. The resort’s ideal location at the end of the exclusive Marina Vallarta offers the peace and quiet you’re looking for while also being close to all the places that make Puerto Vallarta great. You’ll feel at ease at Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta thanks to the resort’s inviting Mediterranean style, which includes attractive white exterior walls and red terracotta roofs.

During your stay, you’ll unwind in the sparkling waters of our centrally located swimming pool, from where you’ll see the occasional boat sail by while you lounge in the shade of a nearby palm tree.

Your home away from home at Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta, whether that’s a hotel unit or one- or two-bedroom condominium, comes with modern minimalist furnishings, air conditioning to keep you cool, and cable television for your entertainment.

If that’s not enough, you can also take advantage of all the amenities, including the on-site Inizio Restaurant and Bar Vajra, at Club Regina Puerto Vallarta, located just across the street.

Whether you want to hang out on the picturesque beaches, dine at a charming local restaurant, browse a colorful art gallery, or simply lounge by the pool, Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta is the place for you.


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