Springtime Fun!

The weather is warming up and colorful flowers are blooming – it must be spring! Check out these great ways to enjoy the season while you’re staying at one of our resorts.

  1. Whale (Shark) Watching May marks the beginning of whale watching season in Cancun. Not only can you watch these fantastic creatures from a boat, but you can also swim with them! Despite their intimidating size, whale sharks are not aggressive, so this is a safe and unforgettable experience. You can do this, and much more, during your stay at Club Regina Cancun.
  1. Enjoy the Great Outdoors – Spring brings warmer weather and an explosion of color as flowers bloom and trees grow their green leaves back. What better reason do you need to spend some time outdoors? Hiking, mountain biking, and fishing are great ways to enjoy the new season during your stay at The Miners Club, Franz Klammer Lodge, and Sandcastle at Birch Bay.
  1. Stop and Smell the Roses (and Flowers) – Spring is synonymous with blooming flowers, making it the best time of year to stop by a botanical garden. Fortunately, a few of our resorts are located near some of the best botanical gardens in North America, according to BBC Travel. Check out the Mexican orchids at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens (Club Regina Puerto Vallarta and Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta), admire colorful roses at The Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island (Sandcastle at Birch Bay), or explore 110-acres of native desert flora at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve (Polo Towers).
  1. Colorful Festivals! This time of year is also known for its many colorful festivals. For instance, the traditional Indian festival of colors – also known as Holi – is held every year to mark the passage of winter. Some of the grandest festivals will take place in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, perfect locations if you’re staying at Polo Towers, The Miners Club, or Park Plaza. Other event you should check out is the Big Island Chocolate Festival (Kona Reef).

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