The Magic of Telluride in Winter

Every winter Telluride reminds us why it is one of the top skiing destinations in North America. The snowcapped San Juan Mountains provide the views. Downtown Telluride supplies the atmosphere. And travelers bring the fun. Whether you’re in search of a challenging double black diamond run or that perfect Bourbon cocktail, Telluride welcomes all and meets every expectation of charm, beauty, and daring winter sports.

Mountain Backdrop Snapshot

Photo: Chris Hunkeler

The skiers in your family will be delighted by the many options available for every skiing level. Beginners can get lots of practice and even take in some of the fantastic views you wouldn’t expect for a green run. Newbies can ride to the top in some places and yet enjoy a comfortable, manageable ski trail to the bottom.

Intermediate skiers will want to take advantage of every chute, bowl, and run within their skill wheelhouse. Moguls, glades, and bump runs dot the map, giving intermediates plenty of choices. The real advantage for all skiers at Telluride Ski Resort is the speed of the lifts, quality of the ski trails, and the sheer number of options for skiing. If you find one area a little crowded, there are bound to be some trails that need some attention.

“I can’t think of a mountain that has the sheer variety and quality of skiing at every level that Telluride offers.”

One thing to be aware of on fresh powder days: if there’s any reason for the locals to be on the mountain, don’t expect shops to be open for their usual hours. The locals live in Telluride for a reason. Many of them came to Telluride on vacation, fell in love with the area, and just had to move there. So when there’s fresh powder just calling out to the skier (or snowboarder!) in you, the locals will try to beat you to the punch.

“It’s a well-known fact that Telluride Ski Resort boasts some of the steepest, deepest and most diverse terrain of any ski resort in North America,” according to Olympian Gus Kenworthy, a Telluride local.

Snow Sports You Might Not Have Tried

When you come to Telluride, keep an open mind to try new things. It’s very likely that there is some kind of snow activity you’ve never tried, and Telluride is just the place to experience it. Here are some suggestions:

Fat Tire Bicycle Rides

Bicycling is not just for warm weather anymore! Bundle up and hop on for a casual ride on the Valley Floor, or seek out a more difficult trail for some real exercise.

Ice Climbing

Probably not for the faint of heart, ice climbing presents a challenge to climbers of all skill levels. A local guide might be the best help you can find to identify where you want to climb and how to approach each climb. Bridal Veil Falls has been one of the most sought after ice climbing achievements in the U.S. Before you go, get the recommended gear (listen to the experts), check the ice conditions, and follow the rules for access and method.



Several outfitters in Telluride will rent out their snowmobiles for your pleasure riding. If you sign up with a guide, you can get access to ghost towns, backcountry trails, and hot springs. Some tours even include lunch. Dress warm, don’t forget your ski mask and goggles, and get out there!


Heli skiing

Untapped, untrodden alpine bowls sound lovely to any skier or snowboarder. Heli skiing was developed from the idea that there are places ski lifts can’t reach, but why should that stop you? Some of the best chutes and runs are in the backcountry, only accessible to heli skiers. Contact Telluride Helitrax, the high altitude powder specialists, for the ultimate skiing adventure.

In Telluride, it’s easy to become enraptured by the picturesque beauty around you. You might spend all day skiing and forget there’s a town at the bottom. Downtown Telluride is a quaint community with lots to offer. You’ll find art, shopping, dining, bars, and plenty of reasons to stroll downtown. The ski resort may beckon you to come to Telluride. But the people and charm of this small town will make you stay. And maybe you’ll be smitten, just like the locals.

Where To Stay

Franz Klammer Lodge is a luxurious ski resort located among the towering San Juan Mountains near Telluride, Colorado. The mountain-side resort, named after Franz Klammer, a legendary skier, offers guests exceptional accommodations and service just steps away from the alpine slopes of one of the best ski destinations in North America. In addition to all the great skiing, guests also enjoy access to a full service bar and club room, rejuvenating spa, and a 24-hour fitness center.


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