2017 Bucket List Adventure: Our top 5 picks

Our bucket list for 2017 is geared for the travel adventurer. At Travel Raintree we know that most of you include excursions as part of your stay at a Raintree resort. So doing something outdoors might not be much of a resolution for this new year, but there’s probably something on this list that is new to you. When you’re traveling in 2017, put these on your bucket list:

  1. Surfing in Oaxaca

When you find the conditions in Oaxaca coming together at the right time (weather and tides), you’ll be treated to some killer waves. Many of the hottest spots take a little more effort to reach, but they’re worth your time if you’re passionate about surfing. Chris Wilson’s experience was incredible:

“The culture, weather, people, food, and (of course) the waves all added up to this being one of the best trips I have ever been on.”

Stay: Casa Divina Oaxaca

  1. Releasing turtles in Puerto Vallarta

Add some education and eco-tourism to your life! Travelers to Puerto Vallarta can attend a lecture on the turtles’ breeding and then join in the fun of preserving these courageous animals, including visiting the newborn turtles in the nursery, scouring the beach in search of newly laid eggs, and helping the baby sea turtles release into the ocean at night. This New Year’s resolution helps the environment and gives your family a memory of a lifetime.

“In Puerto Vallarta, hotels, restaurants and also tour operators, have joined forces making the annual turtle breeding season (which runs from about July to December) . . . a new sustainable eco-tourism event.”

Stay: Club Regina Puerto Vallarta

Turtle release

  1. Wildlife viewing at Grand Teton

This is why we come to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park: to experience wildlife. Anytime of year you can view wildlife in Wyoming. Grand Teton is especially known for its moose, mule deer, bears and bison. You might also encounter mountain lions, wolves, wolverines, and long-tailed weasels, although these are a bit harder to spot. Spending a day in the presence of such creatures gives us a thrill and helps us understand their environment and what they must do to survive.

“No matter the season, Jackson Hole teems with wildlife.  The 17 million acres that comprise the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem enable visitors to see many of the species that have come to define the West, including the iconic grizzly bear, wolves, moose, pronghorn and elk.”

Stay: Teton Club


  1. Swimming in Cancun’s cenotes

A cenote (suh-NOH-tee) is a deep natural sinkhole in Mexico.

“These secret underground caverns are formed when limestone caves in, leaving a hole in the earth that leads to a pool of often gorgeous turquoise-colored water.”

There are just under 7,000 cenotes already discovered in the Yucatán Peninsula. These pools are almost Cancun’s best-kept secret. You don’t have to be an expert cliff jumper or scuba diver to enjoy these hidden caves. These beautiful underground attractions often have staircases and lighting to make them more accessible to tourists. The crystal clear water must be seen to be believed.

Stay: Club Regina Cancun

  1. Rafting in Park City

With over 8 miles of river terrain, a rafting trip on the Weber River near Park City, Utah, includes class II rapids your whole family will enjoy (children ages 4 and up). If you go with a company like All Seasons Adventures, your trip down the river will be led by a trained guide. Floating down the Weber is all about the rapids, but don’t forget to take in the spectacular scenery around you.

“The river cuts though a stunning canyon comprised of red and orange sandstone conglomerate rock that has formed arches, caves and precariously balanced rocks.”

Stay: The Miners Club


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