Eco Friendly and Stylish: Summer Must-Haves

It probably doesn’t surprise you, but many of the products we use while traveling can hurt the environment. Thankfully, summer vacation does not have to be synonymous with words like wasteful, harmful to the earth, or filling up landfills. As a consumer, you have the power to make a difference by choosing biodegradable products, using products made from sustainable resources, and following the principle of “Leave No Trace.”

Don’t feel like you need to revolutionize your spending habits. Just tweak them a little. If everyone was a little more thoughtful about Planet Earth this summer, it could make a huge difference. When you’re traveling this summer, or even in the planning stages, consider some of these products to help reduce waste and be a little more eco-friendly.


When you’re snorkeling among the coral, or just swimming in your favorite bay, you need protection from the sun. But not all sunscreens are equal. Some are known to hurt the coral and other sea life because they are made from oils that don’t break down.

“Sunscreens are one of the biggest causes of bleaching to our reefs, and the death of much of the world’s coral.”

Look for sunscreen products that specify they are safe for the marine ecosystem. Mexitan is a company that offers such products. Their sunscreens and tanning oils are biodegradable, not tested on animals, and are safe for coral and fish.

Mexitan Coral Safe

Watches & Sunglasses

It may not be quite the fashion statement, but Sprout has developed eco-friendly timepieces. They saw the need because when a watch breaks, usually people just throw it away, adding to our landfills. Instead, if you lose or throw away a Sprout watch, it will not harm the environment because it is made with sustainable elements like “corn resin, bamboo, cork, and organic cotton.”

Sprout Watches

Also, think about how many pairs of sunglasses you’ve owned over the years. What happened to them all? It’s likely they broke or were lost. When you think about the impact on nature, you realize that companies like Zeal Optics are seeing the bigger picture. It’s possible to make a great product and protect the environment, too. Check out their sunglasses and goggles, made with plant-based materials.

Zeal Optics


When traveling with children this summer, it is inevitable that some families will use a lot of diapers. What if someone made diapers that were environmentally-friendly? Would you consider using them? Well, the first option is cloth diapers of course. But if you’re looking for disposable diapers, consider Bambo Nature Disposable Diapers. They are 100% free of chemicals, allergen-free, additive-free, and friendly to the environment.

“Diapers release volatile organic chemicals. Toxic chemicals such as toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and dipentene have been linked to adverse health effects in humans with long-term exposure.”

Bambo Nature

Travel Journal

Jotting down notes “along the way” is both fun and creative. It helps you remember your experiences, capturing those moments in a way that a camera just can’t. Why not choose a journal that is made with sustainable resources? Paperblanks is one possibility. They make journals with Planet Earth in mind, by using “acid-free, sustainable forest paper and 100% recycled binder boards.”



As you’re out and about this summer, think of your vacation as a way to enjoy the earth, while preserving it, too.

Travelers aren’t always known for being kind to the environment. Won’t it feel good to know that you can make a difference for the earth and for the generations to come?


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