Bar Hopping in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico is known for its tequila and mezcal. And where there is demand for a good strong drink, there are bars. Bar hopping has become a favorite pastime of party-goers. But just as there are different kinds of nightspots, there are different tastes and sophistication for bar hopping. In Puerto Vallarta, travelers can find loud, disco bars as well as quieter, more upscale pubs to drink the night away.

La Barra Cervecería

With probably the biggest collection of alcohol in the city, La Barra Cervecería lives up to its name. On their menu you can find 34 varieties of ale, 12 pale ales, 22 IPAs, 12 weissbiers, 1 barley wine, 4 dunkels, 3 porters, 5 fruit beers, 11 stouts, 43 lagers, and 9 pilsners. They welcome you (on their website) with the following words:

“By yourself or in company, to celebrate a victory or forget a defeat
the excuse to start a conversation, to enjoy a long talk or mend a broken heart,
taking a beer is always a good option.”

Come to La Barra Cervecería on Thursdays for their promotion of 2×1 beer mugs. The menu is sizeable with burgers, fries, tacos, and pizzas. Whether you come for dinner or just drinks, you’ll find something to rave about at this bar in the Marina Vallarta zone.

The BeerBox Prime

Fans praise The BeerBox Prime for their selection of craft beers, IPAs, and beautiful views of the marina. Almost everyone who visits once comes back for more. A recent TripAdvisor reviewer said:

“Been in PVR for three weeks now and The Beer Box is a regular stop with great beer selection and a knowledgeable and friendly staff . . . Keep up the great work and see you tonight for another new IPA.”

With seating inside and outside, you’re never far from great service and a tall cold one. The BeerBox Prime is located in the Marina Vallarta zone, at Paseo de la marina #121.

Bar Morelos Mezcaleria

Situated in the Downtown zone but right near El Malecón, Bar Morelos Mezcaleria portrays itself as the perfect blend of an upscale scene with plenty of PARTY. Their logo includes the words food/PARTY/drinks, with the emphasis on party. But timing can be everything. If you come earlier in the evening, you might find a quiet atmosphere with a pleasant ambience for your family gatherings. The music never gets too loud, but the drinking and dancing go deep into the night.

Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge

Head south to the Romantic Zone to find Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge, a “great martini bar” according to one reviewer. Comfortable furniture in an outdoor setting make this nightspot a can’t-miss. While you won’t find much food here, the cocktails and specialty drinks are the main attraction. A TripAdvisor patron wrote:

“Twisted Palms is a great place to come and drink and socialize. It’s a hidden gem that’s not the easiest to find but nevertheless it’s a great place. Martinis are half price on Mondays, there’s plenty of chairs for relaxing . . . It’s one of our favorite spots to visit.”

Roxy Rock House

Another nightclub in the Romantic Zone is Roxy Rock House. This is a rocker’s place to party. Here you’ll find live music every day, ladies’ night on Thursdays, and various bands filling the stage from time to time, including tribute bands for Led Zeppelin and Guns ‘N Roses. Calling itself “Puerto Vallarta’s Capital of Rock,” people come here for the music and atmosphere as much as the drinks. Jack Daniels is sold 2 for 1 every day. A local regular said:

“I just love this bar with its live rock music and Jack Daniel’s flowing like water. I live in Puerto Vallarta and come here about once a week! Always a lively crowd.”

Where to Stay

Club Regina Puerto Vallarta is located between the Sierra Madre Mountains and Banderas Bay. It is within walking distance of the marina.

Club Regina Puerto Vallarta

Club Regina Puerto Vallarta

Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta is located in Marina Vallarta.  All units in the Mediterranean style resort offer pool views and some offer marina views as well.

Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta



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