Lover’s and Divorce Beaches

Los Cabos in Baja California Sur is famous for many things like beaches, resorts, golf courses, and dividing the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) from the Pacific Ocean. But the most famous sight in the whole peninsula and one of the top attractions in all of Mexico is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, or El Arco. This natural arch is part of Land’s End, the granite rock formations at the southern tip of the peninsula. The most beautiful, most photographed, huge “end-of-the-world” rocks are not to be missed. And this is where you’ll find two of the most exquisite beaches in Mexico—Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach.


Getting There

Pick up a water taxi (panga) from Médano Beach, a 25-minute drive from Club Regina Los Cabos. Negotiate with the water taxi drivers to get the best price you can find, usually about $10 USD per person. Watch out for the extra fees they might try to add on! Many of the water taxis have glass bottoms, giving you opportunity to see the fish below. The commute can include a tour of Land’s End and a sea lion colony before dropping you off at Lover’s Beach. You can also arrange with your skipper to come pick you up at a certain time, or just take any water taxi available back to Médano Beach when you’re ready. As you exit the boat, you’ll be stepping down into about 2 feet of water. Helpers are standing by to assist you and gladly receive your tips.

Other options for getting there are renting kayaks, wave runners, private tours on charter boats, and cruise ships.

Playa Del Amor (Lover’s Beach)

Magical beaches seem to be in abundance in exotic Mexico. Lover’s Beach is no exception. Situated on the calmer side facing the Sea of Cortés, Lover’s Beach is the perfect place for snorkeling, swimming, and exploring. Not exactly a private beach, the name is a bit misleading. Coming earlier is better as the beach gets more crowded around late morning or mid-day.

“While Médano may very well be the most-visited beach in all of Los Cabos, there is none more iconic than Lover’s Beach. This is the shoreline you see in the shadows of the arch at Land’s End. It’s also an excellent spot to visit if you’re interested in diving or snorkeling.”

Playa Del Divorcio (Divorce Beach)

From Lover’s Beach, take a 2-minute stroll through the gap in the rocks to Divorce Beach. No, this isn’t the place people come to get divorced. Rather, it seems the name comes from the stark difference between the two beaches. Lover’s Beach is calm and safe for swimming. Divorce Beach is on the Pacific Ocean side, with turbulent waters and rip tides that make swimming strictly forbidden.

“Since it faces the Pacific Ocean, one may enjoy unforgettable sunsets here. It is in such a unique setting because this is one of the few beaches in the world that actually connects with two different bodies of water — the Pacific on one side and the Sea of Cortés on the other.”

No matter which beach you prefer, picturesque views are on all sides because both “beaches are beautifully framed within unique rock structures.” Just be sure to bring everything you need with you. There are no vendors, bathrooms, cafes, or even a changing room. You’ll need your camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, food, water, and snorkeling gear. Make a day of it in the warm Mexico sun amidst one of the most iconic landmarks.

Where to Stay

Club Regina Los Cabos is located just an easy fifteen-minute drive away from the heart of Cabo San Lucas, right in the middle of the action! The resort rises above the shoreline where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Every unit faces the ocean and you can enjoy colorful sunsets and sunrises from your terrace.

Club Regina Los Cabos

Club Regina Los Cabos



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