Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing

Doing nothing is not exactly an American trait. We tend to value busyness, activity, and achievement over rest, rejuvenation, and solitude. The art of doing nothing sounds foreign to most of us, like some kind of eastern philosophy that looks good on paper but we’ll never really acquire it.

When we go on vacation, we would probably all agree that it’s better to plan something than to arrive unprepared. You can always change the plan once you’re there. The catch is, we are likely to over plan, to fill our schedules with too much activity, and not give ourselves the break we need.

Il Dolce Far Niente is an Italian phrase that means the sweetness of doing nothing. The concept makes more sense when you see it in context. Try watching this clip from the movie Eat, Pray, Love. The Italians get the idea – you don’t need a reason to relax. You deserve a break, so take one as often as you can.

We need this kind of thinking in our daily lives.

But we also need it when we travel. Travelers usually bring all their devices with them to stay connected to their lives back home. This comes with an unfortunate consequence: you don’t rest!

“Disconnect. Facebook, Twitter, and email are not Dolce far Niente or anything even close.”

Too often we arrive at the resort, get settled in, and then turn on the TV, check our email, and update our Facebook status. When we head to the pool, what comes with us? Our tablets, laptops, and phones. This is not helping us master the art of doing nothing.

Instead, turn off the devices. Unplug. Don’t pay attention to the time. One rule while on vacation should be: no alarm clocks!

“The central thing about a holiday is that the clock that governs the rest of our lives is briefly turned off. You wake to write on a clean sheet.”

We need time off to recuperate from our hectic daily lives. What better way is there than sipping mojitos by the pool? Or gazing at the rock formations of Lands End? Give your senses a chance to take in your surroundings. Be aware of sounds and ambience. Savor the intense flavors of every meal. Vacation time is the perfect opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

It doesn’t really matter where you go. It’s more a mental exercise. Resting might come naturally to a few of us, but most of us have to be very intentional.

“Doing nothing is hard work, at first. Imagine how stressful the first few days of a vacation can be as you decompress, and let go of work, and real life. Your face is tense and you might have trouble breaking up with your email. Now imagine the last few days of a vacation. You can’t remember what had you stressed out, your eyes are light, your muscles are loose and you could lay in a hammock all day.”

While you’re practicing the art of doing nothing, you might find some tips in this summer must-read: The Art of Doing Nothing: Simple Ways to Make Time for Yourself by Véronique Vienne.

Where to Stay

All of our Travel Raintree resorts can help you enjoy the “sweetness of doing nothing.” But our Club Regina resorts in Mexico are particularly well-equipped to help you master this ancient and wise concept. Swim up bars, plenty of open space, restaurants, and pools make our resorts ideal to do nothing at all. Nada. Just sit and relax. No planning, no rushing, no tour schedules.


When you’re not exploring Cancún and the Mayan Riviera, you can relax in Club Regina Cancun’s on-site hot tub or two sparkling swimming pools, get a bite to eat at the on-site restaurant, or sip a cocktail at the bar.

Club Regina Cancun

Club Regina Cancun

Los Cabos

Club Regina Los Cabos is a beachside resort in beautiful Los Cabos, home to championship golf courses, fascinating towns, and the famous arch at Lands End. The resort’s orange adobe walls perfectly complement Los Cabos’ rugged desert terrain, and every room offers fantastic views of the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. Each unit features flat-screen TVs and either jetted tubs or kitchenettes. An on-site restaurant and bar and four swimming pools give guests plenty to enjoy during their stay.

Club Regina Los Cabos

Club Regina Los Cabos

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful beaches, rich biodiversity, and wealth of outdoor adventure attract tourists from around the world. Traverse Puerto Vallarta’s picturesque Malecon or Romantic Zone; browse the art, jewelry, and handcrafts at the Isla Rio Cuale market; hit the trails on an ATV; or soar through the canopy on a zip lining tour. There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy Puerto Vallarta – let Club Regina Puerto Vallarta be a part of your fantastic vacation.

Club Regina Puerto Vallarta


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