Happy Independence day, dear Mexico!

Celebrating in Puerto Vallarta!

Every free nation can trace its independence back to a significant moment in history. For Mexico, that moment is September 16, 1810, when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla uttered the Cry for Independence (Grito de Dolores or El Grito). Rallying his countrymen to fight against the Spaniards, Hidalgo, a Catholic priest, helped start a revolution that led to Mexican independence almost 11 years later.

That famous moment is commemorated every year on Independence Day all throughout Mexico. Every city brings out its decorations, fireworks, officials, and its own twist or local flavor of how to celebrate the holiday. But some things are consistent in every town. On September 15, at 11:00 p.m., the mayor of the city comes out on the balcony of the town hall carrying the Mexican flag, rings a bell, and then recites the traditional speech that ends with “¡Viva México!” (“Long Live Mexico!”). Thus begins the Fiestas Patrias (national holidays).

“The main event of Fiestas Patrias is a party in the street, overflowing with authentic food stalls, live music and folk dancing until the mayor’s Proclamation of Independence at 11pm. Fireworks soon follow, as clubs and bars across town keep things lively all night – and into morning.”

Puerto Vallarta is one of the best places to join in the national celebration. There’s food everywhere, including some tasty recipes that are saved for special occasions, like Chiles en Nogada. The Taco Fair (Feria del Taco) has to be one of the highlights of the festivities, “as the best taquerias in town serve their succulent creations with a myriad of fillings (fish, shrimp, carne asada, pollo, al pastor, chorizo, etc) and homemade salsas.” Last year’s Taco Fair was a big success at the Lazaro Cardenas Park.

Vallarta Food Tours guarantees visitors to Vallarta City will eat like a local for three hours. Join their food tour to taste authentic Mexican fare like traditional ceviche tostadas, mole enchiladas, and a jalapeño margarita.

“One of Vallarta Food Tours’ favorite ways to celebrate is do our own Vallarta city walking food tour and hit one of the many local restaurants featuring Mexico’s exquisite cuisine.”

Whether you come to Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Cancun, Oaxaca or any other Mexican town to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day, you are bound to experience incredible cultural displays of dancing, music, arts, crafts, fireworks, local celebrities, and of course food.

At our Inizio Restaurants at our Club Regina resorts, our chefs prepare a special holiday menu for our guests. Make sure to ask each resort for details if you are visiting!

Where to Stay

Club Regina Puerto Vallarta offers comfortable amenities, on-site dining, and easy beach access right in the exclusive Marina Vallarta.

Villa Vera Puerto Vallarta is located near the restaurants and bars of the exclusive Marina Vallarta just a few miles from Puerto Vallarta’s beaches and best attractions.


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