Spooky Places in Palm Springs

Ghosts don’t always stick to a schedule, but for some reason we always become a little more interested in the supernatural in the month of October. To honor the tradition of being fascinated with scary things around Halloween, we want to introduce you to some of the most haunted places near Palm Springs, California.

Joshua Tree Inn

Gram Parsons has been called the father of country rock. His tragic story – like so many others – is that he died too young. He died in a motel room at the Joshua Tree Inn, “a hacienda-style motor inn popular with famous musicians.” Supposedly, Gram Parsons’s spirit is still present in the very room where Gram died – Room 8

“Some people believe that the ghost of Gram Parsons inhabits room 8, which is where he died of a drug overdose in the early 70’s. He will allegedly move or relocate small items such as earrings and will move the mirror that hangs on the wall – which is the only piece of furniture that still remains from the furnishings that were in the room when he died.”

There is a memorial to Gram Parsons that was originally erected on the property of Joshua Tree National Park but has since been relocated to the Joshua Tree Inn. The Inn is a 46-minute commute by car north of Palm Springs.

La Quinta Resort and Club

The La Quinta Resort and Club might be the most haunted place in the Palm Springs area. Over the years countless people have reported strange happenings. A shaded apparition appeared. A ghostly cat ran across a bed while someone was sleeping in it. Ghostly voices were heard. A naked old man was seen running across a room.

Is it true? Did these things really happen? The Palm Springs Paranormal Investigation Team spent some time onsite to determine: haunt or hoax? You can read about their investigation here.

But the best way to find out? Go there yourself. It’s just 28 minutes by car southeast of Palm Springs.

Korakia Pensione

Korakia Pensione is a Moroccan and Mediterranean villa located on the western edge of Palm Springs. According to some, it “may be haunted by the wife of the former owner who has been spotted along the road on the anniversary of her death. Guests may also experience cold chills on very hot days or have their clothes rearranged while they are away.” Originally a private house owned by a silent screen star in the 1930s, it’s only a 16-minute drive west of Cimarron Golf Resort.

Whether you believe ghosts exist or not, these spooky places can be a fun distraction in the California desert.

Where to Stay (Not haunted – lol)

Cimarron Golf Resort is located in Palm Springs, a popular vacation destination for Hollywood A-Listers since the 1920s. Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and many more celebrities made the short drive from Los Angeles to escape the fast pace of Hollywood. In addition to all the great golf, Palm Springs boasts a diverse selection of fantastic restaurants, its own art district, and easy access to miles of compelling hiking trails through desert canyons and pine forests. Book your next Palm Springs vacation at Cimarron Golf Resort and make your time here truly your own.

Cimarron Golf Resort, Palm Springs

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