Fly Fishing in Park City

Fisherman are known for telling their wild fish tales and claiming they know the best fishing spots. They might not always reveal their trade secrets for hauling in the biggest fish. In fact, fishing spots near cities like Park City, Utah, are often well-kept secrets among the locals as some of the best fly fishing in the country.

If you knew when and where to catch wild brown trout up to 18 inches long, would you share such information? At Travel Raintree, we want to help you make the most of your time when you’re in Park City, whether you’re a fishing pro or fly fishing becomes that new hobby you pick up while you’re there. Then you’ll have your own fishing adventure with tales to tell your friends and family back home.

Provo River

“Two very popular fly fishing waters are located close to Park City. The Provo River through Heber Valley and down Provo Canyon is rated as one of the best trout waters in the US, and it can be fished year-round.”

Brown trout, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout are in abundance in the three sections of the Provo River: upper, middle, and lower. Those in search of a trophy fish might find what they seek in the Provo River or further down in the Heber Valley. There is a high number of large fish per mile of water. Make use of the local expertise. Free advice is available in the fishing stores, outfitters, and from just about anyone in the area (even those with no experience!).

“The trout, particularly the large ones, are well educated and can be picky. It pays to get the latest info about successful flies and techniques by talking to the people who work in the fly shops. Both Park City and Heber City have excellent shops with knowledgeable employees.”

Fishing guides are available for hire.

Weber River

Great fly fishing can also be found in the Weber River and the tailwater below the Echo Reservoir. Wild brown trout, wild rainbow trout, and Bonneville cutthroat trout are among the many species here. Green drakes, yellow quills, and golden stoneflies all hatch in the summer, while green sedges and little winter stoneflies hatch in the fall and winter.

“Being a tailwater stream, the Weber can be fished the entire year since the discharges from the dams keep the water at a constant temperature. The water is cool during the summer and relatively warm during the winter months.”

Be sure to find lures that are the best match for the fish you’re targeting. The Trout Pro Store can help you build your collection of flies, spinners, and tackle.

Make sure to read this Fishing Guidebook!

You can check the fishing calendar to find which fish are in season, when they hatch, and the best places to find them. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has an excellent interactive map of the Blue Ribbon fishing areas in the whole state. This online resource gives directions, depth and width of water, elevation, fish species, suggested lures, restrictions, and even some photos.

Grab your gear, put on your fishing waders, bring a friend, and get out there! The fish are biting – go claim yours in the wilderness of Utah.

Where to Stay

Park Plaza is a quiet family friendly resort that combines the very best of urban vacationing while offering easy access to Park City, Utah’s world-renowned ski slopes. Book your next stay at Park Plaza and you’ll be less than two miles from Park City’s ski lift and Main Street, where you’ll find many of the town’s fantastic restaurants, bars, and shops.

Park Plaza, Parck City Utah

The Miners Club is a cozy upscale resort perfect for your next vacation in Park City, a world-renowned alpine playground for skiers, snowboarders, and anyone else who loves romping in the snow. Simply walk out The Miners Club’s front door and you’ll be just steps away from the Waldorf Gondola, which you can ride to Canyons Resort, the largest single ski and snowboard resort in Utah.

Miners Club, Park City Itah

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